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Matt and I would like to thank you for your continued efforts through-out the entire process of our property purchase in Gladstone. Buying from on the other side of the country in Karratha coupled with the demanding property market Gladstone is in, we would not have been able to purchase this property with out your knowledge, advice, honesty, prompt service and hard work.

We are so happy with the investment property you found us, you really listened to us and provided us with a property that was exactly what we wanted. You made our purchase so easy and hassle-free, you were there to answer all of the annoying phone calls and emails I hounded you with every day.

I have never recommended a product or service before, however we are so happy in your service and expertise that we would use you over and over again and I have recommended you to our friends and family. I truly believe you deserve to champagne you sent us more than we do!! Cheers Craig and best wishes for the future.

Zoe and Matt, Karratha WA
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"Confidence is back: Gladstone on track as vacancy rates drop"

27 Oct 2017 Gladstone Observer

"Safer to buy in Gladstone than Sydney says local expert"

14 Oct 2017 Central Telegraph

With over 30 years of family history in the Gladstone region and indeed the Gladstone property market, we have seen the Gladstone property market grow and indeed contract many times. We have seen property booms come and go, with industries expanding, and new announcements of proposed new industries and projects coming and going. We have seen many of these projects not eventuate, and the property market pull back accordingly.

Sound familiar? That is exactly what has happened to the Gladstone property market over the last 5 years with the advent of the amazing amount of investment in the LNG industry and the plants on Curtis Island. The resulting unprecedented property boom, which peaked in 2012/13, has seen a similar unprecedented bust which currently sees property prices returning to levels not seen since the very early 2000’s.

To say that is the end of the story for Gladstone would be very short sighted.

The residential housing construction that occurred in Gladstone between 2010 - 2013 was unprecedented, with the current over supply of property being the result. What is the answer to this over supply - more people and more job, both of which remain in Gladstone’s future.

Here at Gladstone Property Solutions, we are realistic about the future of the Gladstone property market, as investors in the Gladstone market for over 35 years, we’ve seen it all before. We practice what we preach and will continue to be investors in the property market in the Gladstone region moving forward. We think now is a great time to be buying.

We have been on the ground throughout the whole process as the major projects of the last 5 years have moved through their various phases to the point where many have now completed their construction phase, well the first part anyway. All of these projects have multiple phases and additional capacity for further LNG trains to be constructed once prices improve.

So where to from here for the Gladstone property market?

Gladstone will continue to be a destination for industry moving forward. In many senses all roads, well ships anyway, lead to Gladstone and it’s ports. The State and Federal Government have identified Gladstone as an area of growth for the future and our ports will ensure major projects will continue to come Gladstone’s way. Indeed the next phase of projects has already begun, like the $3.2 billion Oil Refinery and Diesel Import Terminal due to start construction in the first qtr of 2017, creating 1,800 jobs.

Don’t wait for the next buyer’s frenzy, why wait for the next boom, rather look at the fundamentals and buy when prices are very low and there is plenty to choose from with little competition from other investors. By the time so called property experts are calling a town a property hotspot, it’s too late. Now is the time to buy at or near the bottom of the market in Gladstone, and if you’re a long term property investor, enjoy the ride that the bright future for Gladstone holds.

Have we seen the bottom of the market as we go into 2017? You will only know that once you look back in the rear view mirror after the bottom of the market has come and gone.

The fundamentals for growth in the Gladstone market have not changed – population growth, infrastructure growth, jobs and high income levels will continue to be in Gladstone’s future.

But Gladstone city is not the end of the story of property in the Gladstone region. Tannum Sands and Boyne Island are twin beachside towns just 20km south of Gladstone and represent a very popular place to reside for locals and tourists alike. With a population of over 12,000 people, the Boyne Island Tannum Sands area is no longer the sleepy secret it once was. However, it still represents a beachside growth opportunity which will feel the flow on effects of Gladstone’s future growth. And with so many new people coming to town, Boyne Island and Tannum Sands will only continue to grow.

Get the local advantage by having a local working exclusively for you to achieve the right property at the right price. Whatever your property needs, let us help you with your next property purchase in the Gladstone region. Check out our range of services for a service that meets your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping in anyway we can with your property needs.

Craig Maytom

Licensed Real Estate Agent Number: 3458634

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