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At Gladstone Property Solutions, our goal is to guide you through your entire property ownership journey. We are professional, independent buyer's agents and property advisors with an in-depth local knowledge of the Gladstone property market. As a client of Gladstone Property Solutions, you will receive personal, independant advice, tailored to suit your needs.

We are passionate, professional people who really do care about finding your ideal property at the lowest price, with minimal stress and hassle for you. Then ensuring that the ongoing performance of your property is handled with the highest level of care, professionalism and standards in the industry.

At Gladstone Property Solutions, a cheap price on an average property is not good enough. We focus on achieving great deals on great properties for all of our clients. We will exhaust the negotiation process to ensure that each and every property is well purchased.

Why use a Buyer's Agent?

Buyer's Agents work exclusively for you, the buyer, to find properties on your behalf and negotiate the best possible deal . A Buyer's Agent, however, will charge you a fee to act on your behalf.

Are you time poor, lack experience in the local property market or the property market in general, live interstate or abroad and need someone in the local area to assess properties on your behalf? Then Gladstone Property Solutions Buyer's Agent service is for you.

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"Confidence is back: Gladstone on track as vacancy rates drop"

27 Oct 2017 Gladstone Observer

"Safer to buy in Gladstone than Sydney says local expert"

14 Oct 2017 Central Telegraph

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